How To Insert Photos In Your Emails — 7 Comments

    • I hope it will help many people to add nice pictures into their emails. I was using Mozilla Thunderbird email program for the screenhots. You have a good point. It did not cross my mind that they are different email programs out there. If anyone has a problem, do not hesitate to send me an email at and I will reply with help. Thanks Pam for your comments. Greatly appreciated. Take care.

    • Wow…what a surprise! Thank you so much Michael for this amazing video review of “How To Insert Photos In Your Emails” post on your blog!

      You made my day 🙂 and gave me a great boost. As soon as I hit reply on this comment, I will be jumping to your blog Let me know how I can send back the elevator! Until next, all the very best.

  1. I am looking for a different Email client than my current Compuserve. Com;puserve does make it easy to “insert” photo’s in it’s Email. You just “paste” them in. Very convient. Com;puserve, however, is not being supported. Web pages do not display properly. If I change Emails, I would like the capability to “paste” images into the body of the mails. It is so much easier to size an image in another ap, then just copy it and paste it in.

    Tuell A. White.

    • Using Thunderbird, it’s as easy. Two clicks. A) Insert an image from file and B) click on the image on your HD that you want to insert. Et voilà! And you can resize it more if needed, inside the body of the email by click/drag the corners of the image. Best.

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