Mobile Librairies in the Highlands of Scotland

by JD


I just LOVE mobile libraries…when a child, it was such a ‘magical moment’ when the library bus showed up on our street and we could get access to new books!

Fast forward in 2006, while touring the Isle of Skye in the magnificent Highlands of Scotland, I simply could not resist to get near the mobile library bus we spotted on a parking. 🙂

While searching the web to get more information about it, I found this picture of a similar mobile library bus roaming the Aird Road in Sleat. Beautiful!


The history of mobile libraries goes back to the beginning of the century in countries like the US and Spain and has expanded around the world in both developed and underdeveloped countries. The methods vary from bookmobile buses to camel libraries. Although this is not as effective as electronic books, it is helping to spread knowledge and culture in places where technology and resources have not arrived.

Click here to view a variety of creative examples of mobile libraries around the world.



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