Turn Your Own Photos Into A Jigsaw Puzzle — 6 Comments

  1. Hey this is a very neat puzzle. We often do puzzles as a family. The kids love that and gives us some time well spent together. However getting your own puzzle made from a photograph is an awesome idea. I will have to search my photo archives of one worthy!

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    • That’s exactly what I am doing right now..looking for a picture I took of my Mom and Dad that I find “worthy” 🙂 and will upload same by email to my favorite photo store. Hopefully I am not too late in ordering for a Father’s day gift. Sometimes takes up to 7 days. Imagine other occasions where we can offer a photo puzzle! Try it out Pam, you’ll be amazed.

  2. WOW!! has this set my mind working, many thanks for this great post. I am due to be a first time Nanna any day now Plus care for elderly parents, Mum loves doing puzzles.

    So Idea take photo’s of her new great grandchild and make them into a puzzle!

    You are sooooo amazing with this idea.

    Many thanks, have bookmarked your site will definately be coming back for more!

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    • Congrats Maggie ! Nice to see that family is growing well and happy. Great to know you had an “ah ah” moment while reading this post. It’s amazing to see the people reaction when they open their “personalized” photo puzzle gift box . By all means, try it’ll love it. Until next, take care and all the very best.

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