SPCA Marketing on Glasgow Taxi in Scotland

Glasgow Taxi in Scotland – Scottish SPCA Ad Marketing – c2007


Tribe of Women: A Photojournalist Chronicles the Lives of Her Sisters around the GlobeConnie Bickman has spent over a decade documenting, in photographs and writing, the personal stories of women of every creed, color, language, and class.

Tribe of Women collects the best of her work.

Bickman’s travels have taken her down the Amazon on a boat and up the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

From the Muslim woman who risked her life in letting her picture be taken (only her eyes showed through the opening in her veil), to the clay-covered Nomadic woman in Namibia carrying a goat like a cloak, to the young girls around the village of Medugorje, where the Madonna is alive to the faithful, Bickman’s subjects share the bond of humanity and service — service to their families, their communities, and their gods.

Tribe of Women invites the reader to discover these women and their worlds through the lens and pen of a generous observer.

Includes 200 full-color photographs.

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Amazon Book Review by The Universal mom

5.0 out of 5 stars By Preston C. Enright

I was fortunate to discover this book. It came as an added bonus when I purchased a collection of CDs from “New Dimensions” radio. It’s a fantastic collection of photos and diary entries from the author as she travelled around finding beauty (and some troubles) in the world. Also included are words of wisdom from people like Helen Keller who said, “When one door of happiness closes, another opens. But often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”

While initially receiving the book for free, I’ve since purchased several copies to pass along to others.

Every mom, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend should be given such a treasure of words and images.


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From Top Model Release developer Catherine Hall:

When I first began my professional photography career, I undervalued the necessity of having subjects sign releases; I was just focused on crafting incredible pictures to build-up a white-hot portfolio. But when key industry figures started taking notice of my images, I began to realize the error of my ways.   My first ‘big break’ came when Adobe asked to feature several of my travel photographs, and I instantly thought to myself: all of my hard work is finally starting to pay-off! Unfortunately, I spoke too soon. No legitimate company would dare print or publish any image that isn’t backed-up with a model- or property-release. I was crushed when I had to turn down Adobe’s offer, realizing that without model releases, none of the images in my portfolio were commercially valid. This huge let-down became a hard-won lesson: Credible photographers take care of the details.

Source: topmodelrelease.com

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