Impressive are these two 30 meter tall horse head sculptures designed by Andy Scott, erected in Grangemouth Park, Falkirk, near River Carron, in The Helix, a new parkland project.

scotland kelpies

Photo Sophie Maulevrier


kelpies scotland

Photo Stuart Sly


By definition, a ‘kelpie’ is a supernatural water horse of Celtic folklore, possessing the strength and endurance of ten horses. The legend presents them as aquatic beings living in rivers and in Scottish lochs.

Sculptor Andy Scott has marked the landscape of Scotland with his artistic vision which brought The Kelpies to life. Two giant equine statues standing above the Forth & Clyde Canal, the Kelpies are larger-than-life artworks which represent many things.

Hear from Andy about how these metal beasts have taken him on an extraordinary journey and reaffirmed his passion for Scotland, its heritage and its beauty. Scotland; a spirit of its own.

As the saying goes…a picture is worth a thousand words, so enjoy these pictures and videos.

In all scottishness, wishing you only the very best!



When you see a firefly, it’s only for a moment—the bright light blinks and vanishes until it magically appears a few feet away. But Kei Nomiyama uses long exposure photography to make hundreds of fireflies appear suspended in midair.

Source: Wired

Fireflies - Photo by Kei Nomiayama

Fireflies – Photo by Kei Nomiyama



Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year

The Scottish Landscape Photography Awards were conceived in 2013 and launched in Autumn 2014.

The awards aim to:

  • recognise and reward the talents of the many great photographers who practice photography in Scotland;
  • showcase the beauty and diversity of the Scottish landscape, its coasts, islands and towns & cities in a collection of beautiful images;
  • showcase the talents of photographers and raise their profiles to a global audience;
  • promote and encourage photographers of all levels to take to the Scottish outdoors and capture their own beautiful views; and
  • raise awareness of our natural heritage and promote conservation of our landscape.

The overall winner, category winners and those that are commended will have their work showcased to a global audience  as well as having their work showcased in an exhibition, book, calendar and postcards

Let’s get outside and capture the magnificient lansdscapes that Mother Nature offers with such generosity!

Here’s some great shots of beautiful Scottish forest parks, courtesy of the Forestry Commission Scotland.


Tweed Valley Forest Park


Glenmore Forest Park

Argyll Forestry Land

Argyll Forestry Land